The Conscious Leadership Workshop - November 2018

On the 29th and 30th of November, for the first time in Cyprus, the Conscious Leadership Workshop was held.

Over the course of two days, we delved into what makes a Conscious Leader - first by going within to look at our own core elements that need attention, before expanding outwards and applying what we had learnt in the context of the attributes of the Conscious Leader.

As a group we discussed and analysed our own abilities to be self-aware, our purpose, our values and the elements that make us who we are. Very deep work was done to enable us to change our outlook and expand our mindset.

We then extended this work to analyse the attributes that all Conscious and Empowered Leaders share - such as acting with integrity, being courageous and responsible, dismantling their ego and the blame mindset, being open to learning, having excellent conflict resolution skills, honouring their word and being emotionally intelligent.

Aspiring to become Conscious, Aware, Responsible, Brave and Ethical Leaders to further their impact in this world, our participants were able to really focus on what they can improve within themselves and in their business environments.

We ended with an analysis of a Conscious Culture and how as Conscious Leaders we can create the correct environment for growth, empowerment and success at every level for our teams. By ensuring we are clear on our values, we can attract the right people who will be aligned with our purpose and our vision and lead us all to greatness.

It was a highly informative, interactive, inspirational workshop and we look forward to hosting many more.

What does it mean to be a Conscious Leader? That in itself sparked my curiosity. How could one be a Conscious Leader in life? I spent two days with an amazing business woman, trainer and leader. Artemis delivered an exceptional presentation, filled with in depth knowledge and understanding of the subject.

I highly recommend that anyone who is ready to make a difference in their workplace, environment and business, take this training.
— S. Da Silva, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Trainer

MindX 1.0 An Inspiring Event With Gratitude At Its Core - September 2018

An amazing and inspiring experience, the first ever MindX 1.0 was held on the 28th of September in Limassol Cyprus.

A line up of phenomenal speakers shared their wisdom, experiences and mind expanding speeches with the guests.  Aside from offering inspiration and innovation the event raised money for The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society.

Aipeia Consulting are proud to be sponsors of MindX and for anyone that was there our Managing Director gave a wonderful speech entitled ‘Yes the world really does revolve around you’ – a testament to the power we all have to create greatness within so we can then create greatness around us and contribute to a more conscious world.

We look forward to the next event.

We are ever so grateful to our spectacular speaker team, everyone who attended and all our sponsors, supporters and promoters. From our hearts to yours, thank you! Because of you, MindX raised €2,110 for The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society.
— Walid Khabbaze, Director, Konzept K and MindX Organiser

Launch Your Business Seminar - November 2017

A complimentary interactive workshop, the Launch Your Business event was held at our offices in November.

Our Managing Director together with an accounting expert, a brand coach and an IP lawyer ran through the ins and outs of setting up a business. Topics discussed included:

• How to write your business plan;

• Money - how much you will need and where you will get it from;

• Incorporating a company - how to do it, step by step;

• Legal requirements – agreements, licenses and approvals needed;

• How proper accounting advice can help you structure your business correctly and save you time and money in the long run;

• When protecting your logo and brand is important and how to register it as a Trademark

• Branding, Marketing and Advertising tips to get started.