What’s In A Name… Our Story


One of the first things we are asked when introducing our firm is the meaning behind ‘Aipeia’.

The historical version: Aipeia is an ancient city, the ruins of which have been discovered in the North West of Cyprus. According to Greek mythology, Aipeia was founded by soldiers returning from the Trojan War in the 11th century BC. Some had originated in Cyprus and were returning home; others were newcomers about to call Cyprus home. 

The inspirational version: Armed with their experiences, stories, different cultures, beliefs, will to survive and succeed, these people sailed into the port and saw the potential the raised hillside could offer them. They pooled their knowledge, resources and abilities and created a thriving city from scratch. They came armed with ideas and visions for the future and succeeded in making them a reality. Strategic planning, team work, looking forward and not back and thinking outside the box were the key elements of their success.

That is what we at Aipeia stand for and represent. We may all originate from various corners of the world but we have converged on this island – a unique hub and gateway to the world. We have pooled our resources, knowledge, experiences, education and goals and carved out our space.

Aipeia is Visionary – we look to the future building upon our yesterdays and bettering ourselves in the process.

We believe in Trust, Integrity, Commitment and Success. We work as a team to create the best offerings for our clients – providing holistic business and legal consulting enabling each client to thrive both personally and professionally. We are gratitude driven and mindful that even the tiniest action can have a huge ripple effect.

And as for the horse… well now you know!