Conscious Business Creation

Transforming your business into a Conscious Business - a purpose driven, value focused and ethical entity - is the only way to move forward, disrupt, engage and carve out a space in your industry with success guaranteed along the way.

We work closely with you and your team to create the road maps that will enable you to break free from any limitations to growth and success by:

  • Giving your business purpose and clear intent based on your vision and on why you do what you do;

  • Ensuring your business is strategy driven with clear guidelines, policies, procedures and achievable goals;

  • Leadership training to create Conscious Leaders aligned with your purpose;

  • Supporting the active engagement of your teams and ensuring that each member knows what they are doing, how they are doing it and why they are doing it resulting in the formation of a Conscious Culture;

  • Increasing loyalty to both your brand and within your organisation;

  • Inspiring development and growth of your team members;

  • Ensuring transparency of your processes to the greater community whilst adding value to society as a whole;

  • Helping you to differentiate from your competitors;

  • Increasing your bottom line as a result.

As the president of Birth Forward I have a lot to thank Artemis Evangelidi at Aipeia Consulting for. As a Cyprus based NGO, we have greatly benefitted from the professional business and legal services we have received. Our relationship with Aipeia is not just about business - it is a joyful, inspiring and aspiring relationship that we have. By working with Aipeia we have improved our procedures, clarified our strategies and had bigger achievements. We are really thankful for the impact that Aipeia has had on our organisation and we are looking forward to a continuous collaboration in the future.
— Eline Pederson, President, Birth Forward


Conscious Business Health Checks

Allow us to step into your world and understand how your business is operating from every aspect. In doing so we will review your current operations and begin the transition into a Conscious Business. Our Conscious Business Health Checks include:

  • Strategy review and taking you back to basics;

  • Clarity on your Why, What & How;

  • Leadership analysis with a focus on values, purpose and clarity on the overall business vision;

  • Team reviews and analysis of dynamics, alignment and clarity of roles;

  • Operational and Risk Management reviews - policies and procedures overhaul;

  • Corporate Social Responsibility implementation in alignment with your business;

  • Mindfulness in business;

  • On-going support and guidance.


Conscious Leadership Workshops

We facilitate Conscious Leadership workshops several times a year and also create tailor made workshops for your business.

Over the course of two days our participants delve within to gain clarity on who they are before they can expand outwards into how that translates in the world of business.

Businesses are a mirror image of the leaders who drive them as they carve out the road for their teams to follow suit.

Therefore it is imperative that they be given the tools they need to shift their mindset as they are guided through the process of becoming sustainable, successful and purpose driven Conscious Leaders.

Conscious Leaders go on to create Conscious Cultures - where teams are empowered, engaged, inspired and motivated as they work in alignment with your purpose.

The Conscious Leadership Workshop is for any person looking to excel in his or her business and personal life. It provides a personal development program deeply based on values and ethics.
— Andri Constantinides, Director, Financial Consultants International Ltd
The workshop focuses on personal development and knowing your own strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. By knowing your weaknesses you can then turn them into strengths. Improvement is important as you can use these tools to create better relationships, to be a better leader and also better parent. Another great part is that we were able to speak about more specific issues regarding our own experiences. Really helpful and highly recommended workshop, waiting for the next one! Thank you!
— Anna Ntrentsiou, CEO, Levart