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Life. Thoughts That Make The World Go Around (And Up, Not Down)

Whether you are looking to improve yourself, improve your work environment or create a thriving culture, this book is for you. Only you have the power to bring about the change you want for yourself and for the world around you. It all begins and ends with you.

By taking a holistic approach, this book combines self-help motivational tools with the business tips you need to be able to empower yourself and change the course of your own life and your workplace for the better.

As collective consciousness increases, leaders who are ethical, take responsibility for their actions and act with integrity are leading the charge for change. The time has come to join them.

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“This book is a culmination of over 20 years of self-development, personal growth and professional expansion. It encapsulates my love, passion and purpose to empower people to thrive as they expand their consciousness and live their purpose. It represents the values I hold dear as a person - in my personal life and in my work. It was a dream of mine to create something easy and straight forward for the reader - something that could be picked up and referred to time and time again. A guide of sorts to give people the tools they need to free their mind, release themselves from past conditioning and enter the world of the Conscious Leader.”
— Artemis Evangelidi, Managing Director, Aipeia Consulting