Launching Business Into The Unknown - Accelerated By Fear

The only certainty in this day and age is that everything is uncertain. From the grass roots of our own individual career path to the greater fabric of society and political landscapes – we can no longer predict trends or occurrences with any semblance of mathematical accuracy. Our lives have become happenstance. Perhaps even reactionary. The concern is that so might our livelihood: our business – our employment – our financial security.

With this undercurrent of fear in today’s world, why not use it to our advantage? Where adrenaline is the fuel in our “fight or flight” response to fear; so too is it a key player in all business anxieties. We all feel a rush when we are at the final stages of closing a deal, or perhaps when we are on the brink of an innovative new concept. We all work to deadlines with an increasing need to meet our targets or our KPIs without fail. Our fear of not ticking the boxes means we are at times overzealous in our approach to tasks or decision-making that perhaps would benefit more easily from a less intense approach. The point is, we are afraid. We are afraid to fail, afraid to fall and afraid to become irrelevant, untitled and let’s face it, perhaps even bankrupt! So we make decisions based on a negative landing pad rather than a positive heavenly soar.

What is there to lose in taking a risk that is safe? You may suggest that this is an oxymoronic phrase in itself. To be clear, when applying the right business approach with the meeting of specialist minds, there is a way to get to your end result without letting fear limit what you can achieve. This concept of being accelerated by fear is a simple one.

Look at your current business. How effectively does it operate? What are the red flags? Where are the personality clashes or human capital shortfalls? When did the picture of your operation change so markedly from where you thought it was headed?

This is where a human resource “check-up” might be just what you need. We don’t hesitate to see our GP when we have the flu. We don’t hesitate to see our dentist to fill a cavity. We don’t hesitate to service our car when we are kindly reminded by the little red engine light on the dash. So why not adopt the same maintenance approach with your business. Get it checked.

We often hear the old adage that “the grass is always greener”. Look at your own backyard before making the assumption that perhaps it is lesser than your neighbours. Fix what is currently in your control before looking to acquire something else. In other words, when you reflect upon your current business operations, identify the holes or the absences or effectively where the grass may need a little more watering so to speak. You might benefit from the professional direction of specialists in the field of change management to help you identify those “brown patches” in the first place. At Aipeia Consulting, we can do just that.

When your own backyard displays the growth potential you originally aspired to, then you can look beyond your locale. Where can you drive your business that reaches beyond your postcode? How can you get the next-level step up you need to engage leaders and investors in other markets who may in fact offer the perfect collaboration to enact your vision? Why not ask 101 questions and exhaust all possibilities of business expansion and global interest before simply allowing your fear to tell you it’s not possible?

The point is this. We don’t know what we don’t know. We do know that nothing is certain. So we go with the trends, the market research and the industry leaders and the rest is a combination of luck and methodology. Rather than fearing the world’s economic stage as it currently stands, why not attempt to perform to the best of your ability with a backstage crew who have covered your every move to ensure nothing but success.

At Aipeia, we like teamwork. We can give you the guidance you need at both a specialist and general level. We can initiate your sound checks and ensure your security detail is in place. We can scope out the territory you wish to cover – we can research your audience so you know who is in front of you – we can effectively set the stage for your business to launch into the next dimension if that is what you really want.

Get on board and see what all the fuss is about. Right here you have a one-stop shop to Turn Key solutions for your business. Even if you haven’t quite figured out what you want that business to be. Come to us with a thought, an idea, a dream and let’s see how we can make it happen.

Be accelerated by fear.